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New Proposed Bylaws for the National Watercolor Society

For over a year, your board of directors have been diligently working on updating and streamlining the NWS bylaws. Among our goals were the removal of things that were no longer practiced by the organization (“slide processing”) or things prohibited by state law (such as proxy voting by board members, which is not allowed in California).

Conversely, in some cases NWS has been operating outside the bounds of the current bylaws, allowing Aquaboard and Yupo in exhibitions. So the definition of watercolor has been updated to be more flexible, allowing the many new materials available in aquamedia. (See Article X)

With this in mind, we also wanted to be forward thinking, and not include things in the bylaws that could be problematic or easily outdated in the future. A few examples are:

  • Dues are required for membership, but the fixed amount has been removed, allowing the board to update the amount without a cumbersome amendment process (Article IV Section 4.02)
  • The Membership year is being changed to match the fiscal year which will improve operations and fiscal management. (Article IV Section 4.08)
  • California law only requires non-profit organizations to have a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, which is what we have recommended. All other positions (such as Exhibition, Communication or Membership) will still serve in their same capacity as Directors at Large on the Board with the same voting rights. This allows the possibility to adapt to meet changing organizational needs. Current examples are Newsletter, Website, and Video Production. (Article VI Section 6.03)
  • Other tweaks provide clarity or eliminate redundancy.

The board has voted to submit our recommendation to the membership for review and a vote next month. Below are links to the current bylaws as well as the new proposal.

Changing bylaws is not done lightly and is very time consuming. We have striven to maintain the integrity of our organization, while improving efficiency with the hope that this will serve the organization for years to come. As always, we are here to answer or clarify any questions you may have, and we thank you for your consideration.

If you are unable to access the Bylaws online and need a printed copy mailed to you, please send your mailing address and make your request at nwspresident@gmail.com.

Respectfully submitted,

Robbie Laird 

NWS President

Ken Goldman 

NWS Past President

2018 NWS Annual International Exhibition


From the images entered by 850 artists, paintings from 91 artists were accepted for display in the NWS Gallery. 


Carla O'ConnorChair

Linda Daly Baker

Michael Schlicting


Carla O'ConnorChair

Linda Doll

Charles Rouse

Exhibition in NWS Gallery - October 4th - December 16th, 2018

Over $40,000 in Purchase Awards, Cash & Merchandise Awards
were presented for artists for paintings selected by

 D. Scott Atkinson

Awards were donated by NWS Donors and Sponsors.


2018 NWS Awards

NWS Purchase Award

 Julio Jorge, Portugal

NWS Masters Award I

 Kai-Ting Sung , Taiwan

NWS Masters Award II

 Peter Jablokow, IL

Loa Ruth Sprung Award (Non-Objective Subjective)

 Silvia Monge, Costa Rica

Blick Art Materials Purchase Award

 Nancy Stark, VA

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Purchase Award

 Kris Preslan, OR

Stan Green: Beverly Green Memorial Purchase Award

 Trish Mayberry, AZ

Winsor & Newton Award; ColArt Americas, Inc. Cash Award A Patron since 1965

 Geoffrey McCormack, OR

NWS Past Presidents Award

Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Award 1

American Frame Corporation Merchandise Award

 Ingrid Albrecht, IL

Kanuga Watermedia Workshop Award

HK Hobein Artist Materials Merchandise Award I

Royal & Langnickle Brush Co. Merchandise Award

 Cathy Hegman, MS

Alice Leonard Memorial Award

Jack Richeson & Co. Merchandise Award II

Stonehenge Aqua & Yupo Merchandise Award donated by Legion Paper

 Bonnie Woods, CA

Henry and Fujiko Fukuhara Memorial Cash Award, donated by Grace Niwa

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Merchandise Award

Creative Catalyst Productions Merchandise Award I

 Carolyn Lord, CA

International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA) Cash Award

Mijello Watercolor/Indigo Art Paper Merchandise Award, donated by Chartpak Inc.

Frame Destination Merchandise Award I

 Debby Marriott, FL

Watercolor West Reciprocal Cash Award

Salis International Inc./Dr. Ph. Martin's Merchandise Award I

The Brush Guys Merchandise Award  I

 Dean Mitchell, FL

Philadelphia Water Color Society Cash Award for Excellence

Masterpak Merchandise Award

Ampersand Aquabord Award

 Keiko Yasuoka, TX

Watercolor USA Honor Society Cash Award of Excellence

M. Graham & Co. Merchandise Award

Frame Destination Merchandise Award II

 Helen Hayes, CA

Jeanette Thayer Schmidt Memorial Cash Award, donated by Valli  Thayer McDougle

QoR Watercolor Merchandise Award, donated by Golden Artist Colors Inc.

 Zhou Tianya, China

Watercolor Artist Magazine Cash Award

Rosemary & Co. Artists Brushes Merchandise Award

 Lian Mie Tsai, Twain

Artwork Archive Lifetime Subscription Merchandise Award

Gold Coast Watercolor Society-Florida Cash Award

Creative Catalyst Productions Merchandise Award II

 Kathleen Alexander, HI

75 Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors Merchandise Award donated by JJC Ind./Daniel Smith

Lori Pitten Jenkins Cash Award

SunEden Artists Gear Merchandise Award

 Ratindra Das, IL

Canson/Maimeri Merchandise Award Merchandise Award donated by FILA Group

Frame Destination Merchandise Award III & IV

Will Bullas Cash Award 

 Soon Y. Warren, TX

Savoir-Faire, Fabriano Merchandise Award

The Brush Guys Merchandise Award II

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Cash Award

Da Vinci Paint Co. Watercolor Traveler Merchandise Award

 Chris Krupinski, WV

HK Holbein Artist Materials Merchandise Award II

En Plein Air Pro Merchandise Award

Airfloat Systems Merchandise Certificate of Award

Edith Bergstrom Cash Award

 Laurin McCracken, TX

Turner Professional Watercolor Cash Award donated by Jerry's Artarama

Salis International Inc./Dr. Ph. Martin's Merchandise Award II

Turner Professional Watercolor Merchandise Award donated by Jerry's Artarama

Frame Destination Merchandise Award V

 David Giordan, MI

New Signature Members

Ingrid E. Albrecht

Kathleen Alexander

Mark D. Bird

Paula Fiebich

Jeffrey Good

Peggi Habets

Helen Hayes

Cody Heichel

Karen Heidler

Audrey Montgomery

Hugh Mossman

r. mike nichols

Jean Pederson

Thomas W. Schaller

David R. Smith

Sharon M. Stone

Kai-Ting Sung

Lian Mei Tsai

Bonnie Woods


NWS / OMA Exhibition

December 22, 2018 - April 21, 2019

Click here for the list of 42 Accepted Artist 

along with past California Masters and Invitees. 


A Series of Good Ideas that Work!
from Geoff McCormack
A different approach to watermedia using new materials,
 tools and techniques.
Click here  to register for this 2 hour demo.
Cost $20.00


Click here for Geoff McCormack - NWS Gallery Walk (Free)

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With an exciting vision and a new appreciation for an old art form, the California Water Color Society was founded in 1920. As the country grew, painters found inspiration in the expansive western lands and were, in their way, pioneers of a new spirit.

The name of the society has changed twice since that time: first in 1967, to California National Watercolor Society; then in 1975, when the members voted to become simply the National Watercolor Society.

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