The National Watercolor Society is one of the oldest non-profit artist-led societies in the United States.  Our mission - encouraging innovation in watermedia through education, outreach, and exhibitions - promote the advancement of watermedia and inspire the next generation of watermedia artists.  Be sure to check out the EXHIBITIONS and VIDEO Tabs. 

Congratulations to the accepted artists for the 

2019 International Open Exhibition!

Exhibition Dates: October 3-November 17, 2019

Ingrid Albrecht

Daven Anderson

Julie Anderson

Denise Athanas

Xiao Xing Hu

Phil Babb

Anne Bagby

Nancy Begin

Mark Bird

Will Bullas

Lynda Burrus

Nancy Caldwell

Lana Cease

Diane Chencharick

Lei Chi

Chien Ping Chiu

Chin Chuan Chow

Joe Cibere

Ari Degoes

Pat Dews

Leonardo Dolfini

Guoshaung Du

Kelly Eddington

Debra Edgerton

L.S. Eldridge

Andy Evansen

Alicia Farris

Z.L. Feng

Francesco Fontana

Karen Frey

Vicente Garcia Fuentes

Carla Gauthier

Susan Gibson

Jean K. Gill

Kathleen Giles

Ken Goldman

Stephanie Goldman

Frederick Graff

Douglas F. Greer

Xi Guo

Richard Hanson

Susan Harper

Kaoriko Hasegawa

Wenqing He

Cathy Hegman

William Hook

Iretta Hunter

J.J. Jiang

Julio Jorge

Chreyl Johnson

Neal Kleman

Mike Kowalski

Chris Krupinski

Stephen Kuhlman

Angela Lacy

Ze Ze Lai

Janet Laird Lagasse

Jan Ledbetter

Jorge Leon

Yan Liang

Nicolas Lopez

Bowen Liu

Ye Liu

Kathy Simon McDonald

Jeannie Mc Guire

Elke Memmler

Dean Mitchell

Sally Mook

Audrey Montgomery

Nancy Neale

Kim Johnson

Kin Chung Ng

Judy Nunno

Robert O’Brien

Carla O’Connor

Anne Hightower Patterson

Lana Privitera

Tom Powell

Jay Rider

J. Roberts

Mary Rollins

Judy Saltzman

Riaz Samadhan

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

Joy Shott

Edwin Shuttleworth

Richard Sneary

Mikhail Starchenko

Jiangang Sun

Tara Sweeney

Rene Thibault

Zhou Tianya

Linda Thomas

Brian Turner

Harold Walkup

Lorraine Watry

Jean Weiner

Pam Wenger

Bonnie Woods

John Wulfmeyer

Choon Seng Yeoh

Bao Gong Zhou

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2019 International Open Exhibition!

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With an exciting vision and a new appreciation for an old art form, the California Water Color Society was founded in 1920. As the country grew, painters found inspiration in the expansive western lands and were, in their way, pioneers of a new spirit.

The name of the society has changed twice since that time: first in 1967, to California National Watercolor Society; then in 1975, when the members voted to become simply the National Watercolor Society.

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