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The National Watercolor Society is one of the oldest non-profit artist-led societies in the United States. Our mission - encouraging innovation in watermedia through education, outreach, and exhibitions - promote the advancement of watermedia and inspire the next generation of watermedia artists. Be sure to check out the EXHIBITIONS and VIDEO

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With an exciting vision and a new appreciation for an old art form, the California Water Color Society was founded in 1920. As the country grew, painters found inspiration in the expansive western lands and were, in their way, pioneers of a new spirit.

The name of the society has changed twice since that time: first in 1967, to California National Watercolor Society; then in 1975, when the members voted to become simply the National Watercolor Society. 

2022 NWS 102nd International Open Exhibition

Exhibition dates are September 1 - November 6, 2022   

Kathleen Giles "Life is looking for crayfish", 2021 NWS Purchase Award

The entry period for the NWS International Open Exhibition 2022  has closed. 

Thanks to all the artists for their support and participation.  

The list of Accepted artists will be posted here by June 7th, 2022.  

This "In-Gallery" Exhibition is open to ALL artists working in watermedia.

Estimated $40,000+ in awards including $5000 NWS Permanent Collection Purchase Award. 



Juror of Selection Tim Saternow

Congratulations to the following accepted artists in the 2022 NWS Member Exhibition. 

Thank you to our NWS Members for your creations and continued support.  

Edward Abrams, CA - International Harvester

Debbie Abshear, CA - Warm Moon

Phil Babb, WI - Korean War Veterans

Giovanni Balzarani, Italy - Thess Market

Robert Barnum, MI - Center Ring

Nancy Frost Begin, NM - Madame Butterfly and

                                         the Red Panda

Judi Betts, LA - Whimsical

Matthew Bird, MD - Tidal Harvest

Claire Bischoff, NV - Spring Thaw

Denny Bond, PA - Timeout

Cindy Briggs, UT - Ascending Zion

Dan Burt, TX - Il Palazzo

Richard Tiejun Chao, Australia - An Old Man with

                                                   White Turban

Diane Chencharick, FL - Early Spring

Janice Cipriani-Willis, CA - It All Went By So Fast

Christine Coombs, NH - Race Day

Jennifer Dettmer, MO - The Lunch Crowd

Gwynn Di Pilla, NJ - Retired

Kelly Eddington, MO - Like Father Like Daughter

Kathleen Eichler, OR - Jacob

Rich Ernsting, IN - Docked for the Day

Terri Field, WI - Spirit of Spring

Gary Friedman, CA - Rest Ye, 'Ol Ironsides

Thomas Funderburk, MS - Anteroom

Teri Gammalo, CA - Floral

Kathleen Giles, NY - The Bird Lady

Ken Goldman, CA - NY Construction Squad

Mary Lyn Gough, OR - Dance Party

Ann Greene, NJ - Illusion of Freedom

Xi Guo, FL - Heart to Heart

Lori Hess, WA - Suzanna

Ken Hobson, NC - 51 Mercury

William G Hook, WA - Gasworks Fantasy 4

Xiao Xing Hu, SC - Weekend Fair

Han In Huang Wong, VA - The contemplation

Nishita Jain, MD - Promising Warmth

Lori Jenkins, FL - The World is Your Oyster

Bev Jozwiak, WA - The Lilac Fairy

Susan Keith, CA - You Make My Heart Sing

Michele Tabor Kimbrough, FL - Crucian Carnival Series XXI

Christine Krupinski, OH - Red

Mary Nagel Klein, NV - Panicle

Al Kline, TX - Miniature Boxer

Mike Kowalski, Australia - Pinnacle

Camellia Mimi Kuo, CA - Couple on the Ferry

Howard Kuo, MO - Emperor Wearing His New Clothes to

                               My Art Show

Ze Ze Lai, Hong Kong - Cloudy Evening

Alexis Lavine, NC - Who's On First?

Ingrid Lefevre, Belgium - Night stop in Havana 1

Shuang Li, CA - Haystack Hauling Day

Dongfeng Li, KY - Fishing Return in the Dusk

Nicolas Lopez, Peru - Narrow Tide

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Spain - Ford Fairline

Carolyn Lord, CA - Sidewalk Zinnias

Cheryle Lowe, IN - Gears And Years Ago

Sergiy Lysyy, Lithuania - Memories of San Marco

Karen Mai, Hong Kong - The Three Ages of Peony

Robin Lee Makowski, FL - Sunspot

Barbara March, NJ - Spring Blooms

Marni Maree, VA - Other Worldly Bouquet

Francis Marte, Canada - Indian Head Farmer

Anne McCartney, Canada - NYC

Annette McGarrahan, MO - Overflow

Sherry Meidell, UT - Little Brother

Margueritte Meier, CO - River Constellation I

Elke Memmler, Germany - Herbstannemonen

Woon Lam Ng, Singapore - Take a break

r. mike nichols, CA - Springtime in Salinas 2020

Elizabeth Oberman, NJ - The Street Vendor

Jessica Pace-Berkeley, VA - Afternoon Delight

Anna Pluda, Italy - Home

David Poxon, United Kingdom - Escape

Dorrie Rifkin, NJ - The Road to Freedom - GW Bridge

Anthony Rogone, CA - Strawberry Bormioli

Patricia Safir, TX - Still Life - Blue and Whites

John Salminen, MN - Lake Avenue Showers

Thomas Schaller, CA - Evening in Trastevere

Renee Scott, CA - Fascination

Jiangang Sun, China - Homes twenty-eight

Keiko Tanabe, CA - Their Favorite Place

Robert Tandecki, WA - Sabertooth, Nevermore

Rev. Michael Tang, CA - Schwin

Lian Mei Tsai, Taiwan - Hope

Phyllis Tseng, CA - Words of wisdom

Nancy Walton, MA - Wake Break

June Webster, CT - Day Is Done

Frank B Wengen, PA - Hay Wagon

Pam Wenger, PA - Hope

Eric Wiegardt, WA - Willapa Snow II

Sandy Wisecup, UT - The Boss

Lois Wolford, MD - Honey Do List

Jian Wu, CA - The Girl with Braided Hair

Wu Sih Shian, Taiwan - Sheung Wan at dusk

Vladislav Yeliseyev, FL - School Time


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Click HERE for the NWS 101ST International Open Exhibition Online Gallery. (Artspan)

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