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We would like to thank all the artists who submitted artwork for the 2021 NWS 101st International Open Exhibition. 

Our esteemed Jurors of Selection, Ken Goldman, Donna Zagotta, and Bev Jozwiak, have made their selections.  Congratulations to those artists who were accepted.  If your painting was not selected, please know that the competition was fierce this year. With all the excellent artwork submitted, artists of all levels were not selected. 

We look forward to seeing your artwork in future exhibitions and appreciate your continued support.  

Geoffrey Allen, CA - Museum of Us

Phil Babb, WI - Beside Oneself

Giovanni Balzarani, Italy - Sweet

Janet Belich, MD - Corncentric

Cindy Brabec-King, CO - Allspiced Up

Didier Brot, France - Air

Ken Call, IL - Cong Abbey Midnight Ballet

Chris Cart, ME - Last Rose

Lana Cease, MO - Well Played *

Liang Chaolei, China - The Days

Radha Chatterjee, TX - Where Birds Sleep # 103

Marvin Chew, Singapore - Sunlit Paradise *

Joseph Cibere, CA - Morning Rush

Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, WI - The Remains of the Day

Ratindra Das, IL - Portside Afternoon

Pat Dews, FL - Artic Thaw

L. S. Eldridge, AR - Off The Rails

Z Feng, VA - Winter Morning

Qian Gao, CA - At the Corner

Kathleen Giles, NY - Life Is Looking for Crayfish

Kim Granhaug, TX – Dialogue

Xi Guo, FL – Make Up

Glenda Haas, NJ - Accidental Collage #3

Peggi Habets, PA - Entanglement

Cathy Hegman, MS - Guidance 2020

Cathy Hillegas, IN - Autumn Fire

Alex Hillkurtz, France - Sunset on Paris

Lana Housewright, TX - Above the Piazza San Marco

Iretta Hunter, CA - Four Roses

Peter Jablokow, IL - Abandoned Mobile Oil Rig in Utah

JJ Jiang, NC - Awakening

Uma Kelkar, CA - Thorny but Juicy

Barbara Kellogg, NY - Celebration

Kathy Kitz, GA - Winter Sunrise

Lyna Knight, FL - Waiting for Teacher

Chris Krupinski, OH - A Touch of Light

Stephen Kuhlman, KY - 219 Pearl

Stan Kurth, AZ – Windowpane No. 58

Ze Ze Lai, China - Dance the Night Away

Robbie Laird, CA - Ancient Arabesque

Janet Laird-Lagassee, ME - Cumberland Wheeler

Alexis Lavine, NC - Free Range

Jan Ledbetter, VA - The Maya of Chichicastenango # 235

Shuang Li, CA - Sand Loading, Southern China

Dongfeng Li, KY - Primitive Expectations from the Plateau

Yan Liang, China - Play the Reed

Marilyn Liedman, FL - Nature's Fury

Nick Long, TN - Captured

Nicolas Lopez, Peru - Awakening in Girona

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Spain - Fuerteventura Cliff *

Susan Lynn, MA - Tenacity

Sergiy Lysyy, Lithuania - Morning of the New Day

Xuyue Ma, China - A Long Journey

Karen Mai, China - In the Sun II

Steve Maize, NM - Cafe Reflections

Anne McCartney, Canada - At Home *

Angus McEwan, Scotland - Prince & the Pauper

Charles McVicker, NJ - Social Distancing

Mark Mehaffey, MI - Studio Light

Elke Memmler, Germany - Die Kristallvase

Kimberly Meuse, NH - Red Petals

Dean Mitchell, FL - Quincy's Uptown House

Kristie Mooney, OR - Hanging Out with the Buoys

Pat Moseuk, CA - Ancient Pathways *

Carol Newsom, CO - Quiet Moments

Karen Norman, MD - Keys and Glass

Judy Nunno, FL - Re-Peared *

Robert O'Brien, VT - Leaves on My Porch

Paul Oman, WI - Rumblings

Jean Pederson, Canada - Trying Trying

Carole Pickle, PA - Untitled 2021

Sue Pink, FL - Angle of Incidence

David Poxon, England - The Day is Done

Gregory Radionov, CA - The Met

Stephen Ravenscraft, IL - Captured

Michael Reardon, CA - South Anchorage

Thomas Rebek, FL - Let's Play

Doreen Renner, Canada - Life Line

Charles Rouse, CA – China Town Fresh

Gabriela Salgado-Dominguez, MS - Made with Real Sugar

Karen Schaaf, NC - Zoom Kindergarten

Thomas Schaller, CA - Pons Fabricius Rome

Alisa Shea, NY - A Feminine Touch

Jerry Smith, IN - Flatlanders

Frank Spino, FL - Sabal Palms on Turkey Creek

Peggy Stenmark, CO - Shadows of Decay

Brian Stratton, Australia - Silver and Gold II

Keiko Tanabe, CA - Petit Déj'

Sue Steele Thomas, VA - Jag in the Daisies

Liz Walker, OR - September Light

Frank Webb, PA - Yard Repair

Jian Wu, CA - Tibetan Boy

Beverly Yankwitt, FL - Rise Up

Keiko Yasuoka, TX - Good Morning

Dongsheng Zhu, China – Going Home

Lin Zhu, China – Dawn

* New NWS Signature Members (3rd acceptances)

The 101st International Open Exhibition 2021

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