2014 Annual Member Exhibition

From the images entered by over 450 NWS Members, 80 paintings were accepted for display in the NWS Gallery. The juror was John Asaro, who also served as the juror of awards. This exhibition represents almost every form of water media painted on every type of paper from rag to YUPO. We are certain you will share our excitement in the variety and excellence of the work exhibited. For images of the entries click here: 14Trilog.pdf

Awarded Work

$1000 Awards

  • Dana Bartlett Award - Carrie Waller  "Banned"
  • Leonard Edmondson Award - Gay Paratore   "Hang Ten Woody"
  • Howard Clapp Award - Janet Dutton   "Bandit Lady"
$500 Awards
  • Edward Reep Award - Geoffrey McCormack  "Deconstructed Apple Box in Disguise"
  • Dorothy Brown Award - Iain Stewart   "The Chestnut Vendor - Istanbul"
  • Keith Crown Award - Kathleen Ballard   "Farmer's Market Protea"
  • Jonathan Scott Award - Larry Rolph   "Rigging"
  • Delmer Yoakum Award - Gail Hodin Reeves   "The Proposal"
Download the Member Show Trilog Here: 14Trilog.pdf

Congratulations to all 80 artists whose paintings were accepted for the exhibition.
Melissa Adkison
Marian Heath Axley
Linda Daly Baker
Kathleen Ballard
David B Boggs
Pattie Bowler
Cindy Brabec-King
Carol Brody
Chica Brunsvold
Ginger Chen
Chuka Chesney
Rachel Collins
David Colon, Jr
Lola Deaton
Janet Dutton
Frank Eber
Dempsey Essick
Gindy Farmer
Pat Fortunato
Paul George
Misuk Goltz
Douglas Greer
Glenda Haas
Richard Hanson
Karen Heidler
Stephen Holland
Karen Holly
Michael Holter
Xiao Xing Hu
Judity Hummer
Iretta Hunter
Sue Johnston
Ruth Karp
Laura Kemp
Cheang Jin
Terrie King
Jill Krasner
Lynne Kroll
Carolyn Latanision
Carolyn Lord
Carol Mansfield
Sherry Matlack
Geoffrey McCormack
Joan Mckasson
Lynn McLain
Susan Morris
Ran Mu
Eileen Neill
r. mike nichols
Judy Nunno
Gay Paratore
Charlotte Peterson
Gail Reeves
Larry Rolph
Charles Rouse
David Savellano
Susan Schuhmacher
Marilyn Schutzky
Fran Scully
Glen Semple
Nancy Stark
Teri Starkweather
Iain Stewart
David Stickel
E. Jane Stoddard
Hazel Stone
Keiko Tanabe
Steve Taylor
Marilynn Thomas
Yuan Tian
Gary Tucker
Carrie Waller
Marilyn Wear
James Weaver
Jean Weiner
Lynn Welker
E. Gordon West
Tracy Williams
Vladislav Yeliseyev
Peggy Flora Zalucha