2018-2019 Board Members

Terms for Board Members and Officers begin in March


Robbie Laird     website      email  
Phone: 424-225-4966

The responsibilities of the President are many and varied. They include presiding at all meetings, approving all publication drafts, securing venues for the International and All-Member Exhibitions, signing all contracts and welcoming the jurors of our shows. But first and foremost is the responsibility of supporting the Directors of the Board as we serve all our National Watercolor Society members in our pursuit of excellence in watercolor.


Beatrice Trautman     email      website

The 4th Vice President is responsible for the publicity and public relations of the society. This officer photographs NWS events and provides articles about society events to the Newsletter Editor, website, local newspapers and Historian. The 4th VP submits the International Exhibition “Call for Entries” to national magazines and oversees distribution of flyers for the Demonstration Series.


Penny Hill   email

The Exhibitions Director processes and records all entries for the International Exhibition and the All-Member Exhibition. The director assigns staff, prepares materials and directs activities for jury day. The director advises the selected juror of policies and procedures to insure integrity and fairness to all entrants.


Alice Kayuha  email

The Treasurer assists the President in preparing a budget, receives and records revenue, pays Board-approved bills, reports monthly financial activity, prepares a year-end report and submits records for audit and tax preparation. 


Kathleen Cornelius  email    

The Recording Secretary is to be present at each Board meeting to record the minutes and send them in a timely manner to all Board Members and regional reps. In addition, the secretary retains a copy of the by-laws at the meeting and is familiar enough with them to serve as an advisor to the Board when actions seem to be in conflict. The secretary updates the Nominating Committee handbook annually.


Matthew Bird        email     website

The Newsletter Editor gathers the NWS current events, photos, awards and articles for publication three or four times a years. Duties include design and layout of the 12-page on-line newsletter plus editing material, correcting copy and preparing the content for black-and-white printing and mailing. The editor interfaces with the printing company and the mailing house.



 Denise Willing-Booher    email  website

The 1st Vice President acquires the awards for the International Exhibition, assists the awards juror when selecting the award paintings, ships awards to winning artists unable to attend presentation, and sends exhibition catalog and thank-you letters to all donors.


 Carol Newsom    email  website
The 3rd Vice President oversees printed communications to the
public and the membership (excluding Newsletter). The 3rd VP obtains competitive bids for printing and oversees the completion of these documents. This officer coordinates with Membership/Communications Director to distribute printed material.  


N.C. Swan  email      website 
The Membership/Communications Director collects postal mail, email and voice mail and disperses those communications to the appropriate board members. Responsibilities include sending letters, invitations and dues reminders to NWS members.


Stephanie Goldman 
email  website

The Director of Special Projects organizes and produces Video presentations of the Membership and Annual International Exhibition; Talks;  Demonstrations and/or Special Opportunities for members and non-members enjoyment and education.  In addition, the Director organizes and produces the presentation of the NWS Permanent Collection and other opportunities to generate interest and provide a historical record of the organization. 


Heather Torres  email  website

The Web Director makes updates to the NWS website and addresses any problems related to the functioning of the site or other on-line operations. This director interfaces with the support personnel for the membership management system and the Internet service provider.


Ken Goldman  email  website  

The immediate Past President serves as a non-voting Adviser to the NWS Board.